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434 Hillsdale Avenue
Hillsdale, NJ, 07642


Fashion Camp NJ has moved to 434 Hillsdale Ave, Hillsdale,  NJ 07642 

Theme Parties


(Based on 10 guests) see pricing for additional guests

Girls ages 5-8-

Tea Party- Up-cycle your favorite sweatshirt or denim jacket from home to wear to the tea party

  1. Little Ballerina-Bling a leotard
  2. Imagine Fairytale Princess-Create a tiara and a wand
  3. Shopkins-Sew a Kookie cookie pillow
  4. Emoji-Sew an emoji pillow
  5. Superhero Girl- sew a cape
  6. I Scream for Ice Scream-Bling an ice cream t-shirt
  7. Mermaid-Sew a mermaid tail
  8. Camp Adventure Party-Bling or patch a sweatshirt
  9. Pikachoo & Friends-Sew a pikachoo
  10. Unicorn-Design a unicorn sweatshirt
  11. Troll-Create a troll headpiece

Girls ages 9-13

  1. Glam Camper-Bling a sweatshirt
  2. Rock Star-Up-cycle a piece from home
  3. Glitzy Chicks-Design your own t-shirt (cutouts & bling)
  4. Mare & Foul-'Love horses" Design a t-shirt with your favorite horse in mind
  5. Movie Night-Create a t-shirt for the bday girls favorite movie night
  6. Spa-Design a towel to take home from your spa party
  7. Tie Dye-Bling a tie dye t-shirt
  8. Rock 'N Roll-Create a t-shirt for the rock & roll party
  9. Rock Star Diva-Design your own Diva t-shirt
  10. Royal Princess-Design your own princess tank and tiara
  11. Pink & Black Glow Party-Design a pink or black sweatshirt and make it glow

Boys ages 5-8

  1. Super Mario-Create a sweatshirt
  2. WWF-Design a hat
  3. Camouflage-Create a sweatshirt
  4. Police/Firefighter-Patch a hat
  5. Jaw-some Sharks-Create a towel or t-shirt
  6. Star Wars- Create a t-shirt
  7. Justice League-Create a t-shirt
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Create a t-shirt
  9. Superman-Create a cape or t-shirt
  10. Marvel Advengers-Advengers Assemble Party-Create a t-shirt
  11. Superhero-Create a cape or t-shirt
  12. Spiderman-Create a cape or t-shirt
  13. Batman-Create a cape or t-shirt

Boys ages 8-13

  1. Race Car Party-Nascar-Create a hat with a patch from your favorite nascar team
  2. Football/Baseball Party-Create a jersey showing your allegiance to your favorite team
  3. College Teams-Create a sweatshirt
  4. Rogue One : Star Wars-Create a sweatshirt
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy-Create a t-shirt

Bat/Bar Mitzvah

  1. Girl-Design a t-shirt
  2. Boy-Create a t-shirt

Bridal Showers

  1. Bride to Be-Design a t-shirt wedding dress and headpiece for the bride-to-be
  2. Bachelorette Nights-Design a tank fir her honeymoom
  3. Cupcakes & Cocktails-Bling a t-shirt for the bride to wear on her honeymoon
  4. All That Glitters- Design the bride a t-shirt that glitters beyond belief....
  5. Something Blue-Create a small gift out of denim the bride will remember on her special day

Baby Showers (Create a onesie, t-shirt, or sweatshirt)

  1. Royal Prince
  2. Owl Baby Shower
  3. Blue Teddy Bear
  4. Wild Safari Blue
  5. Girls Baby Clothes
  6. Boys Baby Clothes
  7. Girl Turtle Baby
  8. Nautical Baby
  9. Pink, Blue, or Yellow Burlap Baby Shower
  10. Umbrellaphants
  11. Little Man Baby Shower

Other packages available upon request. You will be sent a quote by email. 20% deposit required to reserve your date two weeks prior to party. 18% gratuity required on more then 10 guests. 

THEME PARTY PRICING-Please fill out your Theme party quote form. -

Basic Theme Party-$350.00 (2 hours) 10 guests each additional guest $25.00. Includes set up,  clean up, and party project.

Parties over 15 guests, Westwood Elks location additional $200.00 (2 hours). Same Fashion Camp NJ style! 

Pizza/Drinks/Cake-$100.00 per 10 guests, $150.00 per 20 guests.

Theme Decorations-$75.00 per 10 guests, $100 per 20 guests.

Party favors-$40.00 per 10 guests, $80.00 per 20 guests. ($4.00 per favor)

Airbrush Artist-$150.00 per hour. (2 hours $300.00)

Add ons-Girls(glitter tattoos, nails, or hair station) $5.00 each.  Boys(tattoo station, face painting) $5.00 each

Character-request pricing