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Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

Introduce your scouts to FCNJ!  Our classes or parties run 1 1/2-or 2 hours at a cost of $25 per scout.

Here is a sampling of FCNJ Events or End of the year parties or classes for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts!




  • Tootsie roll pillow, Emoji pillow, or Fleece pillow

  • Pencil holder & Journal cover

  • Fashion button & gem art on canvas

  • Fancy flip flops or beach towel, and sunglass case

  • Up cycle t-shirt,  sweatshirt, or jean jacket

  • Beaded & bling t shirt

  • Apron shirt

  • Simple denim or fleece pouch

  • Best friends or Favorite pet shirt (pictures emailed prior)

  • Pizza and drinks are available for an additional fee

Girl Scout Classes--


Learn how to create your own unique pieces of jewelry! Your scouts will learn some basic techniques used in jewelry design, how to apply them and create their own necklaces, bracelets or earrings to take home!

Fashion Upcycling

Find out what this new trend is about and become fashionably green! Bring in tired items from home and experience what upcycling is all about. Using items from your own wardrobe, we will teach you design techniques such as fringing, beading, cropping and cut outs. Create stencils and design with patches and trims. Take home your upcycled creation!

Inspiration Boards

Are your scouts interested in learning the fashion design basics? Come create inspiration boards and learn how to sketch and design using art supplies and fabric swatches. Take home your very own portfolio!


Discover how to master the creation of skillful design sketches here at FCNJ!  Your scouts will learn the principles of sketching including how to use a figure outline called a croquisCroquis is the French word for "sketch" and refers to the figure outline used as a basis to sketch their designs.

Hand Sewing

FCNJ will teach your scout the fundamentals of hand sewing! Be prepared to learn about knots, stitches and sewing buttons and clasps. Learn these basics and sew your own creation to take home!

Interior Design 101

Wouldn’t it be cool to design accessories to put on display in your very own room? Embellish a picture frame or a pencil jar to show off your creative self!  

Interior Design 202

Are your scouts ready for a complete design project? FCNJ will teach your scout the basics of the sewing machine so they can design, cut and sew their own one-of-a-kind pillow! *This camp is 3 hours, $50 per child plus a $65 troop material fee. 

Boy Scouts Classes

  • Create your own one of a kind baseball cap

  • Design your favorite superhero shirt

  • Design your own fishing vest

  • Create a sports theme pillow

Find out why Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts love FCNJ!

Call FCNJ today for more details:  (201)358-2704

FCNJ Hosts One-of-a-Kind Events for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts!